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If you’ve just started a new business, or are about to start one, and need a digital presence, I would love to help you! I’ll help you create a look and feel for your brand, and take your business online. 



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If getting ‘on the line’ means the same to you as getting ‘online’, take a deep breath…then breathe out and…relax. I can help! 

I’m passionate about assisting new and small business owners to get their businesses online and create a digital presence. I would love to help you take your business from the best idea you ever had, to a dynamic, living, breathing digital operation. 

Whether you know exactly what you want your business’ brand to look like, or have absolutely no idea, I’ll work with you to come up with a style that rings true for you as a person, and captures your dreams and goals for your business accurately. We’ll work together to create all the items you need, such as a logo, business card, flyer, website…and then onto social media accounts, Google Business, Google Ads – the full suite of tricks to make your business famous! 

For more info, please feel free to contact me using the CONTACT section on my site. For my rates, please see the PRICING tab, or browse through the work I’ve done in my PORTFOLIO. 

Starting a new business – or taking it online – is daunting. Trust me, I’ve been there! And getting online can be totally overwhelming, but I’m here to make that easier for you and I’d be thrilled to have the opportunity to go on this journey with you. 

Thanks for being here! 

About me


I’m a born and bred Jo’burger, but I’ve lived in London and Singapore and love to travel. Originally a Social Worker, my career to date has seen me work across many different industries, such as mining, education, financial services, IT and many NGOs. I’ve been gravitating towards design, digital marketing, social media account management and communications for a while, and increasingly, it’s what floats my boat. I’m passionate too about helping small businesses get off the ground. To me it’s the perfect combination between helping people and tapping into my creativity. 
I love cycling, coffee, the ocean, sleeping, and my people. I love sharing ideas, coming up with solutions together and collaborating to make the world a better place. And I’m also a hopeless romantic! 
I look forward to meeting you! 

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